FAQs & Shipping

Do you provide international shipping?

Yes, we're happy to offer worldwide shipping! 

Where are you based and how does shipping work?

We are based in the United States. However, we partner with manufacturers around the world in order to offer you the broadest selection of unique products at the best prices. As a result, most orders are shipped internationally from areas like China, Thailand, India, and Japan via our partnership with USPS for the United States and local postal services for other countries.

Because we ship directly from our partners in these countries and many of the products we sell are in high demand, purchases typically take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive if you are from the US. If you are from another country, delivery typically takes 2 to 6 weeks (though in rare cases up to 8 weeks). So please do not worry if your package does not arrive immediately, and feel free to contact us for tracking information.

The tracking number for my order isn't working. Why?

Please feel free to contact us for the status of your purchase. If you are ordering from countries other than the US, your item may take up to 8 weeks to arrive, and the local postal services in your country may not offer package tracking service. If we are unable to provide you with tracking and after 8 weeks you still have not received the item, we will gladly provide you a full refund or send you a replacement. 

What if I need to return something?

No worries - Please contact us and we'll walk you through the process.